Thursday, August 12, 2010

Welcome to the New Neighbors Blog!

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Supporters,

Thank you for coming to see the latest creation of the New Neighbors Victim Outreach Project! The idea for this blog grew out of the rapid proliferation of information that I'm receiving as part of my work with immigrants and refugees in Vermont. I started with a newszine format, but quickly realized that I have news, opportunities and requests to share almost daily. So I hope you'll subscribe by hitting the "subscribe" button or clicking on the RSS feed icon on your browser, so that you can stay current with the Project and new developments regarding rights and services for immigrants and refugees who may become victims of crime. The situation is in flux and is being affected by many factors, including federal immigration policy, Vermont's new anti-trafficking initiatives, a move statewide toward adopting bias-free policing policies, Vermont's economic situation, and an anticipated increase in the number of refugees we will be welcoming to our state next year. And, of course, our growing community of professionals and volunteers who serve this population.

Speaking of which, I also offer this blog as a vehicle for reaching out to that growing network of service providers, volunteers, potential community advocates, and partners in related fields. If you have anything you'd like to post, please send it to me at I'll do my best to get it up and out there right away. Larger files, photos or video clips should be sent to my gmail address:, but please alert me that you are doing so, as I don't check it as frequently.

Let's help our new neighbors feel welcome, be informed, and stay safe.

Warm regards,
Barbara Whitchurch
Director, New Neighbors Victim Outreach Project

Webinar Announcement: U Visas after Enforcement Action

U Visas after an Enforcement Action: Collaborating with Non-Traditional Law Enforcement Agencies
Wednesday, September 8, 2010 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM EDT

This webinar will provide a brief overview of the U visa process, identify sources of legal assistance, and discuss an organization's role in obtaining government certifications for a U visa application. It will emphasize cooperation with the EOC, State Departments of Labor, the federal Department of Labor and other non-traditional law enforcement to obtain U visas for those affected by ICE enforcement activities. In addition to immigration legal services providers, this webinar will also address advocates working with unions and other organizations that support non-citizen workers and cover best practices for networking and building allies and partnerships to address the comprehensive needs of survivors of crimes. The panelists for this webinar will be Gail Pendleton and Sonia Parras-Konrad, Co-Directors of ASISTA, the Immigration Technical Assistance Project. IAN Director Natalie Sullivan will serve as the moderator.
To register, click on the following link: